Breakfast Gift Baskets

Breakfast Gift Baskets

The aroma of homemade pancakes and fresh-brewed coffee is an inviting way to wake up anyone in the morning. Our breakfast gift baskets will provide just that for your recipients, without having to make everything from scratch. We have put together an unique collection of breakfast baskets that your recipients can enjoy easy to make pancakes, specialty gourmet coffee, gourmet hot chocolate, shortbread cookies, biscotti, pita chips, or yogurt covered pretzels. You can find some breakfast gift baskets ideas from our collection below:

A.    Pancake Gift Baskets:
For your pancake lovers, you can send them a pancake basket that comes with easy pancake mix so that they can enjoy healthy pancakes at home. You can choose from:

a.       Easy Buttermilk Pancakes:
Your recipients can enjoy a heart-warming buttermilk pancake breakfast when you send them a pancake gift basket filled with buttermilk pancake mix from the famous Louisburg Cider Mill. They just have to add water or milk, mix and cook. Mixing direction is provided on the cloth bag. The breakfast basket is also filled with Vermont maple syrup, biscotti, Bellagio gourmet coffee, gourmet cocoa, and tea. A more elaborate version of the pancake basket also includes gourmet chocolates, golden walnut raspberry cookies, and a plush teddy bear,  
b.      Easy Apple Pancakes:
Alternatively, you can send a gift basket filled with apple pancake mix from the Louisburg Cider Mill. Your recipient just have to add water or milk to this simple pancake mix. The basket is also filled with two mini jars of jelly, short bread cookies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolates, Bellagio gourmet cocoa, as well as fruit candies. Your recipient can certainly enjoy a hearty and delicious apple pancake breakfast with this gift.
B.     Coffee Gift Baskets:
For your coffee lovers, they may enjoy their morning cup of coffee more than anything else. In this case, our coffee gift baskets will be the ideal breakfast baskets for any coffee lovers. Our coffee lovers gift baskets come with assorted gourmet coffees, creamers, honey, biscotti, shortbread cookies, pita chips, Jordan almonds, chocolate wafer cookies, and chocolate covered espresso beans, a confection that coffee lovers will enjoy. Some coffee baskets come with ceramic coffee mugs. A more elaborate coffee basket also comes with a coffee themed decorative plaque.
C.     Tea Gift Baskets:
For tea lovers, the best way to wake up in the morning is to enjoy a cup of breakfast tea. In this case, our tea gift baskets will be the ideal breakfast baskets for tea lovers. The tea lovers gift basket comes with 2 different gourmet teas, honey, vanilla caramels, tea cookies, and even a rose tea cup and saucer.
With our wide selections of breakfast gift baskets, you can send the perfect basket for your recipient to jumpstart their mornings for any occasion. You can send our breakfast baskets for Christmas, birthdays, thank you, get well, housewarming, making amends, or sympathy. These gift baskets are appropriate for your mom, wife, friends, coworkers, business associates, and clients. Send our delicious breakfast basket gift today.  

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